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We have an All Wheel Drive Dyno on site

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Our Dynojet 424x LINX features 2 x 24″ knurled, precision balanced drums and measures up to 2000 hp, 2000 ft. lbs, and 200 mph. Unlike inferior non-adjustable wheelbase designs, the model 424x can adjust wheelbase from 88” to 140”, which means we can put anything from a Smart Car to a Ford Raptor on our dyno! We have tuned many cars of many makes and models with some exceeding 1500 horsepower to the tires! With over 30,000 cfm of airflow in our dyno room we keep your car and our operators breathing fresh air.

Our LINX system means the dyno is LINKED- which is critical for advanced AWD and 2WD systems found on GTR, Porsche, Audi, and others.

Custom Tuning

We offer some of the most exceptional custom tuning in the industry. Please be mindful that allowing us to do your install will offer the absolute best tuning experience. We price match all performance parts as well. 

Some of our most popular tuning platforms include: COBB Accessport, HP Tuners, Ecutek, ECUflash, AEM Infinity, Haltech, MOTEC, and LINK. 

Why We Chose The Dynojet

We chose the Dynojet because of the consistency. Time and time again we see posts regarding a “low-reading” dyno or a “high reading” dyno. We feel that consistency is KEY, and using a precision-balanced drum that does not need calibration means consistency every time. 

Testing, Development, and Private Contract

We are proud to offer private dyno services as well. From validation testing to unique experimental trials, there is a good chance we can offer assistance or a solution. We have worked with many reputable companies and have no issues with NDAs and confidentiality. 

Dyno Information


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Please contact us directly for dyno pricing and availability. Our dyno schedule is typically very busy, so set up an appointment in advance for the best experience!

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